Rules & Regulations

We proudly hosts a teeming selection of collectible items such as cards, figurines, and antiques!


1) ALL sellers must check in and pay as entering and before setting up.
2) Management will assign spaces on first come basis.
3) We take reservations starting Saturday until the next Friday each week. This is a free reservation, however; we open at 7:00 am and will hold the reservation until 8:00 am. At 8:05 we release all reservations to the vendors waiting on booths.
4) No refunds available once a vendor sets up. This includes rain days.
5) No subletting or giving space to others.


6) ALL merchandise is to be kept in designated rented area.
7) ALL selling must be conducted in designated areas and by an authorized seller. No selling in parking areas. You may purchase a walk about permit.
8) No loud noises or sounds from vendors in area of selling. Please respect each other.
9) Sellers must conduct themselves in a responsible, orderly manner, including cleaning your area. No items are to be left after closing.

Dining Ware

10) All sellers MUST wear shirts, shoes and pants.
11) The following items are prohibited from being sold or displayed:
a) No - Drugs and drug paraphernalia
b) Animals (check with management)
c) No - Foods, candy, water or beverages
d) No - Alcoholic beverages
e) No - Pornographic literature
f) Firearms, unless approved by management
g) Fireworks or other dangerous items
h) No - Stolen or illegal goods.
i) Do not sell -ANY adult material of any nature including Videos, T-Shirts, Playboy, Penthouse, or similar magazines.

If In Doubt Check With Management