Discover Unique Finds!

Here at Sweetie's Flea Market we proudly sell a variety of items that everyone in the family is sure to love! No matter what you are looking for, we're bound to have it! From clothing to furniture, to household items and decor, our options are endless!

Purchase exquisite china and dishware at Sweeties Flea Market!

Dishware & Decor

At Sweetie's Flea Market we sell a plethora of dishes and decor perfect for your home! We sell unique pieces like fine china and general dishware that would make an excellent additional to any kitchen. We also sell a variety of household items including beautiful decor such as paintings, pottery, plants, mirrors, and much, much more!


Clothing & Furniture 

Come and discover clothing items for all ages! We have children's clothing, teens, adults in a variety of style. Get a great price on newer jeans and T-shirts, trendy dresses and even formal wear! Not to mention, we sell furniture items as well for an unbeatable price! 



Find unique treasures at Sweetie's Flea Market any time! No matter what kind of collectibles you are interested in we are confident we have something here for you! Discover antiques, cards, music, posters, figurines, albums, toys, and so much more!